Posted by: walstafa | February 14, 2013


It’s Valentine’s Day and my corner of the internet is reacting in it’s normal fashion: railing against the crass commercialization, recycling the same old jokes and making smug remarks about how they don’t need one day of the year to make their other half feel special.

As someone who has managed, more by accident than design, to be single on most of the V-Days in my adult life, the fact I have someone to celebrate it with now is something of a novelty. So whilst me and my other half are both working full-time, and I have a punishing three-hour commute after work, we’re going to try and make some time tonight to shut down our PCs, switch off our smartphones and just spend a quiet evening together watching a movie.

And I know for a fact our kittens will ruin it for us.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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